Star Aniseed Ground

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Ground star anise powder has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries, particularly in braises and stews featuring beef, seafood, winter squash, and beans. While it's been a staple ingredient in these dishes, Western cultures have also embraced the spice for its confectionery cooking and baking uses, as well as its ability to add flavor to spirits.

For a licorice twist, add a star anise to the poaching liquid for apples or figs. If you're candying citrus peel, try adding a star anise to the blanching liquid for an aromatic touch. Found in Chinese Five-Spice powder and Vietnamese pho, ground star anise is also a key component in the Port Royal flavor profile, which features chocolate, grapefruit, and star anise.

This versatile spice can also be used as a rub for roast beef, or added to homemade cinnamon rolls for a unique twist on traditional cinnamon sugar. Once you experience the aroma of baking with ground star an


Non-Irradiated - GMO Free - Gluten Free 

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