Qustul Hind / Saussurea Costos

Weight: 50Gr
Sale priceR 49.30


Benefits of Qustul Hind:
1. Lowers blood pressure.
2. Strengthens the heart muscle.
3. Helps against cramps, urinal pain, and spasms
4. A treatment for prostrate cancer.
5. Revives the thyroid glands.
6. Fights obesity.
7. Reduces phlegm.
8. Helps against chest pains.
9. Eases menstruation.
10. When burnt as an incense, it is highly
beneficial for colds and flu.
11. Helps against freckles and marks on the skin.
12. Helps against alopecia and white liver.
13. Strengthens potency.
14. Relaxes and strengthens nerves.
15. Very beneficial for semi-paralysis and Parkinson.
16. Remedies migraines by taking orally, or by snuffing, or dripping two drops of its oil into each nostril.

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