Makhana Chickpea Snack

Chickpea Snack: Jaggory
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  • All New Gur Chana: Sattviko Gur Chana is now Strength Chickpea great for pre-yoga / workout. The Gur Chana now packs more of chickpea, giving you more protein and more fiber, thus making it great for yoga & workout. Each box of Gur Chaana packs (7 servings of 22g)- 24.5 g Protein, 21.7 g of fiber, Iron & Calcium - 105% & 63% of your daily requirement. Sattviko Gur Chana is a delicious and healthy snack great for your pre-yoga / workout.
  • Immunity Booster: Gur / jaggery and chana / chickpea are packed with antioxidants and iron which act as immunity boosters for adults, making it a great for your super health. Each box of Strength Chickpea contains Iron equivalent to 105% of your daily requirement. Kids also love gur chana, making it a natural immunity booster for kids.
  • Packed with Plant Protein: 1 box of Strength Chickpea contains protein equivalent to 3 glass of milk. Chickpea / Chana contains natural plant protein and is a great source of protein for those who want to avoid dairy or animal based products.
  • Brand Promise: Sattviko is the largest online seller of Gur Chana across India. We source the purest ingredients to deliver nothing but best to you. Sattviko Strength Chickpea doesn’t contain any added preservative nor any artificial ingredients.

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