Makhana Millet Meal

Millet Meal: Sweet Chilli
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  • Sattviko Barnyard Millet Strength FoodYoga Meal is a balanced concoction of natural ingredients mixed with yogic herbs to deliver you the necessary nutrients such as green protein, fiber, iron, and thus fuels your body with energy & strength to perform better and recover faster
  • High Protein & High Fiber: Each serving of Millet meal naturally contains 11.2g of protein & 6.6g of fiber fulfilling 22% of daily requirement of plant protein and 24% of dietary fiber. Each millet meal contains seeds, lentil, chickpea & veggies. Millet meal makes is great meal replacement for weight loss
  • Better breakfast food than oats: With more fiber, more protein, more iron & better taste millet meal is an awesome breakfast food to give your day a healthy start. Now you can enjoy your breakfast without worrying about daily nutrient intake
  • Gluten Free, Vegan with added Yogic Herbs: Each meal is non-gmo, gluten free & vegan meal. Made from natural ingredients the meal does not contain any added perservatives or chemicals. Further each meal contains - Golden Turmeric for curcumin, Ginseng for sharper mind, Licorice for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Great for Heart and Skin: Packed with antioxidants, biotin and folate millet meal is also great for your heart and skin, making it a wholesome meal with benefits.

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